Keep Your Mind and Body Healthy with Chiquita Fitness Routine Stickers

Try to win Chiquita’s sports merchandising!

Try to win Chiquita's sports merchandising!

Chiquita has launched six newtasty recipesfor you to enjoy while helping you keep your energy levels high as you practice the new Fitness Routine sticker exercises.

58必威苹果 are packed with natural minerals like potassium and magnesium and vitamins such as C6 and B6 and are the perfect snack for a post or pre-workout. Our bananas are the ideal snack to carry with you at any time or having alongside while you do your exercise, and because of its natural protective skin bananas keep fresh and are ready to eat.

运动后吃饭essential to regenerate your body and strengthen your muscles. My post-workout Chiquita banana protein shake is the perfect solution for balancing all the vital nutrients and building muscle!

Encapsulating all the deliciousness of my Chiquita banana bread in a pocket-size bar? Yes, it is possible! My latest creation will surprise you with a delicious banana taste and provide you with all the essential nutrients to boost your day and be snappier than ever

My peanut butter and Chiquita banana warm-up shake is a complete meal for your pre-workout session. Made with delicious Chiquita bananas, this shake will keep your blood sugar steady and fuel you up the right way.

Chiquita is back with 12 new Fitness Routine Stickers and this time also launching 3 fitness challenges!

There will be Warm-up, Workout Challenges, and Mindfulness exercises that you can follow even from your home. We invite you to add our wholesome bananas to your routines.58biwei superb quality and great taste make them the ideal snack for any activity.


Warm Up Fitness Stickers Chiquita
Warming up is an essential part to do before any workout. It helps to get your muscles loose, and raising your heart rate helps to pump blood throughout your body, which gives it the vital oxygen it needs for your muscles and limbs to function properly. Chiquita has two Warm-Up stickers for you to complete before your workout, including leg stretches and a backstretch.
Warm Up Fitness Stickers Chiquita

Workout Challenge

Workout Fitness Stickers Chiquita
As we have had to adjust to do a lot more at home, the Chiquita workout challenges are easily done from the comfort and safety of your living room, spare room or wherever you have built a home gym. There are seven in total for you to complete and if you love them, you could maybe add them to your everyday workout.
Workout Fitness Stickers Chiquita


Mindfulness Fitness Stickers Chiquita
We all have stressful moments in life, and even if we may be keeping our body healthy, it is just as important to take time for our mind. We have two mindfulness techniques to help start or end a workout positively and peacefully.
Mindfulness Fitness Stickers Chiquita


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